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Easter 2010

Will, My mom woke up first which woke me up in then Maggie. So we went downstairs and we started in the Computer Room, and the Living Room. Then Mom went in the kitchen and said “I just saw an egg in here. So me and Maggie ran in there. So we went in the dinning room in then the Bathroom. And Then we went to the Family Room. Then we opened our eggs to see what we got. I got $11. Maggie got $6. and we got coupons. Then we decorated cakes for Easter. They we bunny shaped cakes. Maggie decorated one and I did too. Then we went to church in then Grandma’s house. We were the first ones there. We waited for Aunt Mari and her boyfriend, Matt. With his son, Matt Jr. who is in 1st Grade. We ate dunch(lunch and dinner). After Dunch, we opened up our baskets. I got Aunt Mari a basket. I got a basket from Aunt Mari and Grandma. Thanks for reading my Easter 2010!!

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