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My Dad and his hand

Will, a few weeks ago I was about to take a shower when my Dad came in and his hand was all bloody and he was yelling “Stacey”. (That’s my mother’s name). Everyone ran into the bathroom. My Mom said “I’ll call the hospital”. So my Dad left to go to the hospital and I finished my shower and went to bed. That next morning Mom told me “Daddy didn’t get home last night until it was 1:00 in the Morning. So then he comes in and says “I got this white bandage thing on me last night. Everyone stared at his finger instead of his face including Mom and Toga, Our dog. So, I’d say probably like 8 more days later we wakes me up and puts his stitches is my face. It was discussing. It looked like spiders on his finger. So that’s was kind of crazy!!


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