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Going Tubbing

We went tubing yesterday and it was awesome!
We went because my Dad’s Job.
Globalfornries(I still don’t know how to spell it just to let you know!)
So we get there, we sign it we get our tubes. This place was odd ’cause they pull you up by the hill with the machine they had. They hook the tubes on this hook hooked on the this rope Which ed pulled you up.
Me and My sister, Maggie waved to each other.  After we all were up there, so this is the funny part, The guy that let the tubes off, he pulled mom right off so Mom did a roll about 2 times. We went at a family and we hit a few bumps.  Mom was at like every amusement park or water park, etc, would always scream. We got at the bottom. Maggie did not want to get off the tube.  Daddy pulled the rope and Maggie hit the ground by her face.  Everyone laughed. She did too.  I ran to the puller upper thing.  and everyone else,,, just walked.  So I got to the puller upper thing and it pulled me up.  I went by my self that time.  After like 4 or 5 more turns, I had to go to the bathroom.  So we went to the bathroom and we decided we would eat too.  The pizza came out and I had already went to the bathroom.  We had went out again by not Mommy she did not want to go because she was chatting.  we did like 5 more times and our time expired and we went home I heard a message on the phone about someone asking to go with me on a sleepover tomorrow.
Another, busy, day I said to myself!

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