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PARP Fun night

Oh, will Parents as Reading Partners night was so fun. First we just walked to Malta Ave Elementary School to go to the activity night .  Next we justed signed in at the school’s main office.  Third, we just went to buy some books from the author that visited our school “Matthew McGelligett“.  He’s a local author. The books we got were “Bean 13, Absolutely Not, and 2 of the Back Beard books. He the hairiest pirate on earth.  Yah know what’s weird about Matt? He loves bugs. I hate bugs. Especially Spiders!!!! We went to the auditorium to see the author do his little presentation.  It was really neat.  Maggie, My sister, was sitting with her friend. My Mom and Dad were begging me to go sit with one of my friends, but I wanted to stay with them because I was there with out my sister, and I love it when I’m not with her.  So next we went to the PARP Reading.  It’s were teachers come into one of the classrooms and read a couple of stories to you for fifth-teen(15) minutes.
First, was Ms. Turrcerri, she read This fairy tale book. I don’t know what it was called. But it totally something to do with fairy tales. and something else that I don’t know what was called. Next came my Mom. She came because she was a teacher at our school. She read The great Gracie escape. and she read this cat book so the cat had 7 owners. All the 7 owners didn’t know that there were 7 owners they though they were the only 1 owner. It was really funny. Next it was this No Thank you and yes please book. Ms. Pollock, the next door teacher from my Mom’s classroom, said it was really cute.
Next was the raffle.  So they was 2 people in my class that won.
Me and Izzy!
Izzy won Book supplies and I won stationary!
I wanted Stationary because we were moving to Germany so I can write while I’m there.
OK, Thanks for reading this blog!

One response to “PARP Fun night

  1. Riley March 8, 2010 at 1:40 AM

    Parp night was so fun. I wish everyone could come!

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