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How the OM(Odyssey of the Mind) went.

So we get at the place were the OM thing went, the Hudson Falls High School, and we go to our waiting room and no one’s there. My Mom thought that we were the First ones there. So the team comes out. We were in the wrong room. I hit my face and dragged my hand down. So we went into the room where every one was in. And I told Bella that she won the basket at the PARP fun night. She wasn’t there. So the girls are face painting with make-up. I’m just walking around with Mom while she chats with all these other Moms and Dads. Dad is just reading a book to Maggie. It was by the author that came to our school. So we got everything ready and left to the auditorium. Aunt Mari came. She’s on cruches. So we begin. First everyone had to bring the set up. Then we started to do the play by Bella and Payton saying “Lights Camera, Action. Which came by Ian just saying stuff about his time machine. So Grey and me came out and I said “Oh good we are finally here”. and Grey saying something. I don’t remember because I’m not him. I only remembered my parts. So we got in the time machine and Bella and Payton get in it. So the whole point is The play is Discovery Treasures and we did Egyptology. And So me and grey get out of the time machine and so Bella and Payton step in. It’s like me and Grey turned into girls while we were in the time machine. So Payton and Bella just did a couple things followed by Ian and Liam doing something. Ian saw his rubber ducky and grabbed it out of his hand. So them we put our hands up and we bowed. Then it was the end of the play. OM was so much fun. Thanks to: Lorraine Gudio and Lisanne Fredericksen. The judges and the people who were watching laughed a lot. We ended and the next team stepped in and we cleaned up, it was awesome. Our OM teachers thought it was SO FUNNY AND SHE SAID WE DID A GOOD JOB!!

So after that went to the school’s café. We hanged out.

The End.


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