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My walk today

Oh, so I get an e-mail from this publisher from the Ballston Journal (Ballston Spa, NY) And they said they want my blog to be in that paper. So I say yes and my Mom says “Lets go for A Walk with Toga(our dog). So we go and we reach the first puddle and my sister, Maggie, jumps right in it. Toga, our family pet/dog, was like keep your water to yourself and walked out of the puddle. We kept. doing that until I saw my friend, Bella, outside. There was this huge puddle that was like 5 inches. Toga just walked in it and looked like he would of said if he were a human, he would say “God, why did you invent rain”? It was funny. Then we played at Bella’s house for 15 or 10 minutes. We go back on Columbia Ave Right past Bella’s neighbor’s house and I say “I have to go to the bathroom bad”. So my Mom says run to our house when its like 4 blocks away. So I run to our house open the door and think someone was in our house but it was my dad. I run into the bathroom and do it.


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