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Going to the Waterpark

Ok, so it was when my Dad came back from Germany. We wanted to celebrate so we went to the Six Flags Great Escape Splash Water Kingdom. So we went to drive there we had to drop off my dog at my Grandmother and Grandfather’s house. And then, we went to exit 20 to enter the waterpark. We entered and checked in. Our room wasn’t ready so we went shopping for bags and suitcases so when we go to Germany we will have the bags and suitcases. Me and my sister hated the shopping because it took like 2 hours but it felt like 10 hours. When we got our room we un-packed everything and changed into our bathing suites. The waterpark was so fun at first. First, I went to warm-up in the warm-up pool. Next I went into the this group slide. It can go up to 4 people. My Dad and I didn’t want to go on it, because that line took so long. We moved into the other line where in takes 2 slides and 2 people at a time. While we were waiting in line me and my Dad saw my little sister and my Mom go down my Mom screamed because the slide is so dark when you’re in it. When it was my Dad and I’s turn we went down and I just went down in silence. My Dad beat me down. So after the whole day a was tired out from swimming. We brushed our teeth and went to bed. My mom’s tooth brush broke and the phone was right next to me so I called and they said “Someone will be right up”. But the whole night they never did. During the night, Me and my sister slept. perfectly. Mom and Dad, Not at all. They heard stomping up on the ceiling at night. They thought it might be some crazy children running all over the place. So my Dad went up to the 3rd floor because our hotel room was on the 2nd floor. He saw nothing. When he told my Mom that, She said ” Yah, I didn’t hear anything when you were up there”. They heard it again. So The next day, Mom and Dad told me and Maggie (My little sister). My Dad called the lobby. We got another room on the 3rd floor. #306. It was fun at the waterpark that day. The family did the group thing, and Mom was SCREAMING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! Mom, Dad, Aunt Mari, and Kendra were hanging out. Kendra lives in California but she’s a layor and had to do something in Albany. Maggie said she was sick, but she was getting better. So we went to get Mom and Dad and was it so cold in the elevator. I didn’t want to take the stairs. So we got up there and I said ” Maggie’s says she’s sick”. and I walked away. So we said bye to Kendra and Aunt Mari. We took the elevator to the lobby because Aunt Mari was on cruches. That night we all slept perfectly. No yelling or stomping. That morning I went down to get an activity sheet for the day. Dad came down and gave back the keys because it was our last day at the waterpark. We went down to Splash water kingdom. To play and have lunch. For Lunch I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We said Goodbye and went home to un-pack I said hello and gave them some food to my fish.


3 responses to “Going to the Waterpark

  1. Riley February 27, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    I had so much fun at the waterpark. My favorite part was going down the dark tunnel with all of us. I was screaming because it was so scary, especially because I was going down backwards!!

  2. Riley February 27, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    I wrote the above,not Riley. Love,Mom/Stacey

  3. Riley March 7, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    Yah Right Mom, I wrote the whole thing

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