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Finding out I’m moving to Germany

At one point,

I got home from school and was waiting for my Dad to come home from his work/job.

He came home and talked to my Mom and asked her “Stace, this website is asking me if I want to apply for a job in Germany, we will be there for a year and a half”. My Mom said “Sure, I know you aren’t going to win the job, Anyway, How many people are going? My Dad said 6 people.

So my Mom still thought he wouldn’t get the job and said yes still. My Dad entered for the job.

After a mouth or two, It was a Sunday night and My Dad told me tomorrow I am going to see if all of us are moving to Germany for a Year and a half. So the next morning I was so exciting!

So at lunch my Mom came to me and said “We’re movin’ to Germany!!!”

After a week my Dad left and went to just see what it was like.

In July we will be moving to Germany.


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